Project Description

Backyard16 designs beautiful book covers, writes and edits error-free content. On the inside Backyard16 is something more. It looks for talented authors to get them published with our valued partner publishing houses. Browse our portfolio to have a better look.

Beautiful Book Covers

Backyard16 designs beautiful book covers. Creating an appealing cover art to power up your story is what we do for a living. Every story is unique and speaks differently and so are our designed covers. We take time to indulge our minds in creating a excellent book cover designs for your much valued books as per your taste and preference that goes with the story.

Every book needs to have a cover. You can count on Whatabook that creates some of the best graphic designs in India. Beautiful book covers can be anything from a simple to extremely high-end design packed with appealing illustrations. The cover design should bring interest in your reader to open the book. An adequate cover will act as a catalyst to get you more readers. Thus, it is essential to work with a team that knows the importance of creating the best graphic design in India.

…and something more

On the inside we are something more than just beautiful book cover designers. We make awesome content for your business to grow and reach out to a large number of clients. Backyard16 produces social media creatives to help you maintain the online presence of your business on various social media platforms. Our services page has all the details.

Book Formatting and Layout

Every book needs to be formatted according to the printer’s or publisher’s specifications. For digital epubs it has to be formatted as per the epub’s specification. At Backyard16 we format all types of academic, fiction, non-fiction, novels, photographic, and all sorts of books, brochure, catalogues etc., for both digital and print media.

An academic book needs a different type of layout from a novel or a brochure. We know how to bring out the best layout for all types of books.

Kindly contact us for book formatting and layout services.

Book Indexing

We do indexing primarily for academic books and journals. We have indexed books for all relevant subjects and multiple authors. We know all the different types of indexing that’s in use across the world in different universities.  

We are well versed with cross referencing, alphabetic orders, sub entries etc., as required by the book. 

Contact us today to get your book indexed.