Project Description

Project Brief

IOACON 2019 held in Biswa Bangla Convention Centre.

We took active part in planning the theme. To come to a conclusive result we underwent several sessions to decide the shape, sizes, color tones, theme and design.

We designed all the stalls, the decorative prints creating the walls, the main entrance gate as well as the mascot.

After doing the designs we printed it and also delivered all the different types of prints to the venue.

Visual A

Visual B

Final output

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How we did the work

When we first started the project our primary concern was to go by the taste of the clients and deliver in time because it was for a conference. Best design in terms of theme as well as the colors are very important for the success of any design work. We used all the required tools and did the job in time. The clients were very happy with it.

Some of the challenges we constantly face in design related work are that the clients in most times request for changes to designs that have been created as per their choice. In order to overcome this we took a serious approach in terms of communication. We knew that the conference dates won’t postpone for any reason whatsoever and we had to deliver in time. So, we shared our works step by step and added finishing touches only on approved themes and layout.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Printing 96%
Communication 98%

Initial Concept Planning

After getting to know that we have got the project the first thing came to our mind is to deliver it timely. We read about IOACON that is Indian Orthopedic Association Conference and studies their past designs among other things. We created some layouts about the new themes and also came up with certain color ideas.

Drafts & Revisions

In such projects there is no one client but a group. The challenge is to help the group come to an agreement. We knew different people have different tastes and this would delay the finalization of the final concept. So, we spoke to our clients and made them understood the problems and also listened to their sayings and their tastes. After studying and analyzing we shared three themes and one was selected and developed.

Final Delivery

The final delivery was not just the jpegs of the designs but complete printing and delivery of the prints to the venue. We kept in constant touch with the printers and ensured that everything is just working fine. After the printing was done we delivered it to the venue.

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Original Concept

Originality of a concept is of primary importance. We spend a lot of time working on the concept and colors. Colors in any design is the life of the design. We had to keep in mind that our primary clients are the participants in the conference. We created something that is soothing to the eye yet go with the style and taste of IOACON.

We did a lot of sessions in exchanged ideas back and forth. Research was very important in this project. All the designs had to go with Kolkata’s style as well as IOACON’s.

Excellent Results

People not just our clients just loved the final result. When they installed the stalls, covered the walls with king size banners and posters the place was looking awesome. People of all age who came to the place took photos and selfies in front of the printed designs. The participants gave very positive reviews.