Project Description

About the project

Munna Maharaj is a renowned Catering service provider in Kolkata and all all over India. We have made this official video presentation for them.

After getting the brief from the client and understanding their requirement and vision we developed the screenplay and created the video as per that.

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Snapshots for research and videography planning

Took photos for our research and planning purpose for videography.

Loved using drones

How we planned the work

Videography is always a challenge in this condition because the entire presentation is based on the one occasion that meant we won’t get chances for retakes. We have to make it in one go in day.

The drones shots came awesome. Our drone operator was particular really experienced at handling drones and did a very good job.

Working procedure

We went to the spot quite early and studied their design and stall installations. After that we selected the spots from where we would be flying the drone. Basically we planned everything by the afternoon.

After the event started we took the drone shots and other close-ups and required shots.