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We create top quality designs, write content, format and index books, do motion graphics, video presentations and create websites. Backyard16 does everything required for the complete branding of your project or company including printing and digital marketing.

  • This image is to provide viewers an idea of the beautiful graphic designs that we have been doing at Backyard 16; one of the best design companies in India
  • This image is to provide viewers an idea of the beautiful graphic designs that we have been doing at Backyard 16; one of the best design companies in India

Steps that we follow to deliver a successful project on time

1. Getting to know the project details

We pay attention to the project details so that we can fully understand what the client wants from the particular project. We believe that  in order to create top quality designs we have to first understand the exact requirement of the project. After this, we proceed to the selection of the brand colors, layout and design part. We give utmost importance to timeline and give our best to deliver on time.

2. Planning the work process

We plan the projects in milestones so that we can divide the work and deliver on time. It also helps to make corrections along the way.  Planning involves choosing the right colors and create the basic layout. We also put a lot of effort in the content writing part so that the design and content empowers each other. We also create motion graphic designs, websites and everything required for the job.

3. Executing the actual work

In our line of work say it a video animation, website, graphic design; the common ingredients are design elements. Research at times take more time than the actual work. We do a lot of research to choose the right colors, texture and design for the project. We first finalize the concept and finish the pre-production. Then, we proceed to the production part. We deliver jobs in stages so that we can make corrections along the way.

4. Sharing work progress for feedback

We do work on our machines. The whole time clients wait to see the progress of the job. So, we share the work progress periodically. We do everything necessary to be one of the top design and print agencies.  This not only helps in carrying out the work smoothly but also assists in maintaining a healthy relation with clients. If the client is happy then only we will get return customers.

5. Delivery of approved work to client in time

Well this is the most important part. What inspires us is a happy smile on our customer’s faces. We do everything that it takes to deliver a successful project. We believe in delivering quality that will help our client to get more business.  This helps is to get more projects from the same client. Please do contact us for designing, printing, book formatting, video presentation, websites and all types of related projects.

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